QC Sample Concentration Station SC-60N

Closed-type water bath nitrogen blowing concentrator is one of the new eriched products that we combined requirements in the laboratory, safety and efficiency of users, and convenient stability multiple perspectives to jointly developed.

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Main Features

1. 7-inch LCD touch screen control, can handle 1-60 samples at the same time.
2. Adopt 5 modes, 50 sections program temperature control, high intelligence.
3. The module can be visualized to observe the liquid level without dead angle, which is very convenient.
4. Automatic water refilling function, no need to add water manually and with the function of preventing dry burning.
5. Automatic pressure regulating device is adopted to ensure the air pressure uniformity of each air path.
6. Independent throttle solenoid valve control, to ensure the air tightness of the air path, greatly save nitrogen consumption.
7. Built-in multi-group data storage function, which can check the running data of the machine timely.
8. Double sealed door mirror protection system and built-in circulation fan system are adopted to ensure no volatile matter leakage without occupying the ventilation window.
9. The case adopts two observation windows on the front side and top side, and the water tank has a light irradiation function to facilitate the observation of samples.

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