Main Features

• 7-inch color LCD screen and long life, more comfortable and sensitive silicone buttons. The instrument can show various scanning curves and charts for users to complete various tests without computers.
• Support USB storage and different data formats such as Excel, text and image (PC software). Users can output test data to flash memory, open and edit them on computers directly without any auxiliary software.
• Advanced hardware and 32-bit Cortex_M3 processor with the clock speed 120MHz. The equipment can store 5000 pieces of data and 500 curves.
• High-efficiency holographic grating of 1200 lines/mm and low stray light.
• The equipment has long-life socket type tungsten-halogen and deuterium lamps which can work up to 2000 hours, can switch the lamps according to test needs and record its working time automatically. Socket type lamps make the replacement much easier.
• Excellent silicon photodiode can guarantee the equipment is highly sensitive and stable.
• Huge sample chamber and various accessories can meet all kinds of needs.
• Can be connected to printer directly and output test charts and data.
• Powerful PC software.
• Standard RS232, USB(A), USB(B) port for printer, data transfer and PC connection.

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