Main Features

• Structural design: The shell of the whole ultrasonic cleaner is formed by laser cutting of SUS304 stainless steel, and the surface adopts anti-fingerprint and oleophobic treatment.
• Display and control design: 4.3-inch backlit LCD display, clear and bright in three colors; sensitive and smooth response for touch control operation.
• Mute design: UVF intelligent mute series is born in the name of mute, and the best multiple sound reduction design truly ensures that it is 26 decibels lower than similar products.
• Circuit design: Built-in German IBDI ultrasonic generator chip can realize ultrasonic circuit sound energy conversion, with frequency sweep function, high frequency stability, and industrial-grade panels.
• Appearance design: Good-looking glass panel design, the whole machine is colorful and bright, and has a scientific and technological texture.
• Ultrasonic power and frequency design: The transmitting power of each ultrasonic transducer of the cleaning machine is 50W, and the frequency is 40KHZ, the power is adjusted arbitrarily, and the sound energy of the ultrasonic circuit is converted.
• Temperature control design: using PT100*** thermostat, accurate temperature, real-time water temperature display; heating using MCH heating plate, heating evenly.
• Quiet design: An ultra-quiet ultrasonic device is designed to solve the pain points encountered by users in use.

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