Rotary Evaporator QC- Series


Main Features

• Large LED display to easily set and monitor process parameters.
• The touch keys and adjustable knob let you easily set the Rotation speed, heating temperature, operation time, and cycle times (clockwise and/or counterclockwise cycles).
• The device also comes with a mistouch prevention lock to avoid changes through accidental touch.
• The adjustment knob can be turned fast or slow to change parameters rapidly or accurately.
• The 5L water-oil heating bath with heating temperature range of up to 180℃ (oil).
• The device comes with a Brushless DC motor with rotation speeds ranging from 20 to 320 rpm.
• Comes with PID temperature controller, overheat protection, dry-burning protection, and automatic power-off functions.
• Double-layer vertical condenser with 1500cm² cooling surface for efficient vapor collection and sample recovery.
• High elastic graphite filled PTFE seal and compression spring bring excellent sealing as well as high-temperature, corrosion, and abrasion resistances.
• Manual lift for precise positioning of the glassware; the lifting height ranges up to 180mm and the tilt angle range is 0-360° (evaporation flask can be positioned on the left or right side).
• Ejection mechanism ensures easy removal of evaporating flask.

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