Digital Fully-Automatic Autoclave QC

High-pressure steam sterilization of conventional sterilization materials such as culture media, instruments, glassware and containers; sterilization of relatively sealed containers (Cillin bottles, blue cap bottles, etc.), large-volume dense sterilization materials such as instrument packages, large bottles of culture media , dense fabric bag), the positive pressure pulse exhaust function ensures the thorough discharge of cold air, improves steam penetration, and ensures sterilization effect.

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Main Features

  • Intelligent control system: BRIGHT I operating system, which can automatically compensate for control parameter values according to environmental changes;
  • High-definition large-screen display: high-definition color LCD touch screen, sterilization temperature, sterilization time, sterilization program, work Key parameters such as status diagrams and alarm information are displayed on the same screen;
  • Ergonomic large screen: the high-definition large screen is located on the slope of the upper cover, ensuring the best display angle of the large screen while preventing light reflection from external light sources;
  • Snap button door opening structure: snap button on top Flip-type door opening structure, with dual protection of mechanical self-locking and electronic interlocking;
  • Anti-scalding design of the whole machine: the upper cover is covered with integrated polymer material, which effectively reduces the surface temperature during the sterilization process and prevents scalding of the operator;
  • Rapid cooling system: After sterilization is completed, the cooling rate can be accelerated and the door opening time can be shortened;
    pipeline distribution: electrical circuits and pipeline routes are arranged on both sides of the sterilizer, with a more reasonable structure and safer use;
  • Mirror liner: the liner has been through many The mesh polishing process achieves a mirror reflective effect, which not only ensures the overall cleanliness of the interior, but also facilitates use and maintenance;
  • Large curvature curled inner cylinder: different from the traditional cylinder’s liner plus flange structure, we use a large curvature curled inner cylinder Edge technology makes the transition at the upper mouth smooth, effectively preventing operators from scratching their hands when picking up and placing the basket;
  • Multiple preset programs: 9 built-in sterilization programs + 3 melting and insulation programs, and the operator can modify the programs at the same time And save it, it can be called directly for the next sterilization;
  • Sample time mode: The sterilization program can be set to start timing when the sample temperature reaches the set temperature, helping the operator to grasp the actual sterilization time of the sample;
  • Password management function: The administrator masters password management, to prevent unrelated operators from mis-operation and modifying internal parameters;
  • 3-point temperature calibration: both sterilization temperature and sample temperature support 3-point temperature calibration, and manual correction can be made when there is a deviation in temperature measurement;
  • Boiling point setting function: in high-altitude areas, it can be adjusted according to the local Set the boiling point according to the situation to ensure that the sterilization temperature can be reached;
  • Door opening temperature setting: the operator can modify the door opening temperature according to the use situation to ensure the safety of use;
  • One-button exhaust and drainage: sterilization is completed and supports one-button exhaust and drainage, which is convenient for operation personnel to perform sterilizer maintenance;
  • Scheduled operation: It has a countdown scheduled operation function to facilitate operators to strictly control the sterilization time;
  • Six-level exhaust setting: Supports six-level exhaust setting, and sets the sterilization time according to the sterilized sample Exhaust mode;
  • Positive pressure pulse exhaust: 6-level cold air discharge program can be set to ensure complete cold air discharge;
  • Low water level dual protection: water level detection probe + anti-dry burning probe dual low water level protection, the water level is too low to start Sterilization program;
  • Other safety protections: fault detection function, over-temperature protection, over-pressure self- discharge protection, anti-scalding protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection, leakage protection, independent electronic over-pressure and other multiple safety guarantees;
  • Optional sample temperature probe, Can realize real-time viewing of sample temperature;
  • Comes standard with a 485 data interface and G1/2A verification port;
  • Optional bio-safety filter, verification lead, and embedded printer;
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