BOD Tester QC-BOD01

QC – BOD Tester QC-BOD01

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Main Features

1. Fully automatic determination of BOD content in surface water, municipal sewage and industrial
waste water.
2. Measurement of BOD in the water with simple and safe mercury-free pressure difference
measurement method to prevent mercury poisoning caused by the leakage of mercury column;
3. Choose a 7-inch high-end full-color LCD touch screen with strong reliability, a clear display
control interface, full graphics and human-computer interactive operation to provide customers
with the most friendly and convenient operation experience;
4. The data can be stored in real time and the data curve can be drawn automatically, without the
conversion of the BOD concentration value directly.
5. The test data can be kept without power, and the data of the unexpected power failure data will be
saved automatically, and the experimental process will be carried out automatically after the power
6. Intelligent automatic temperature compensation, when the sample temperature is higher or lower,
the meter can be automatically delayed until the sample temperature is suitable for
7. Support 1-6 water samples at the same time, and can detect up to 6 samples at one time.
8. The training time and measurement range can be flexibly set according to actual test requirements,
and the maximum support of 4000mg/L water sample is directly tested;
9. The instrument is equipped with the high-end brand mini-thermal line printer, which can quickly
print measurement parameters, process data and result data.
10. Extra-large storage can store not less than 10000 sets of test data details, which can be checked by
the date of experiment;
11. Support for the on-line processing of test data, and all stored experimental data can be uploaded to
the computer by data line.

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