Pesticide Residue Tester QC-PR-03

Pesticide Residue Tester is based on cholinesterase catalyzing acetylcholine, its hydrolysate impacts DTNB to form yellow AZO. Organophosphate pesticides has effect on enzyme. Through changes of absorption value show the degree of inhibition and further reflect the pesticide residue in samples. The instrument consists of LED, thermostatic color pool, integrated photoelectric sensors, ARM9 microprocessor and miniature printer and can print directly and transit result of testing.

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Main Features

• Testing pesticide residue in onion, garlic, ginger, fragrant-flowered garlic, carrot tomato, all vegetables etc.
• Color reaction under room temperature condition, fast testing speed.
• Plastic shell, streamline appearance, 6-inch color LCD displayer, easy to operate.
• High sensitivity to methamidophos, dichlorvos and so on.
• Adopt ARM9 inserting controlling system, with the function of saving, collecting, processing, analyzing.

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